samedi 28 avril 2007

What a TV program!

In fact, I known this program like two weeks before I see that we have to write about a TV show, than I choose to write about a Grey’s Anatomy at the beginning I thought it was going to be a TV program for girl, however I change my mind because its such an interesting program that everybody should at least watch once. The thing I like about this program is to see how each character react to some situation, how they solve it, how we can easily refer ourselves to a character and the amazing thing is that we can learn some first aids. This TV program is similar to "Lost’’, I mean that, in those two different programs, we follow week by week a group of persons learning more everyday about life, about living in community and learning about themselves too. Of course, by watching this TV program I learned a lot of expressions and new words but it’s also easy to understand. I really recommend it to everybody because the actors are very good, the story is awesome! Well the only way to know how it is, it’s to watch it. Than go!

mardi 20 mars 2007

A Hard Operation

This morning I woke up in Meredith's bed, I can only tell you that last night was awsome... When I came to work George was my surgical assistant and our first patient was a little girl. When I saw her there was nothing wrong, but suddenly her left leg start shaking so I ordered a new x-ray picture about her braine. I found that her brain tissue is dying at too quickly a rate, and that the only way to halt the deterioration was with a hemispherectomy, in layman's terms it means: removal of half the brain.She is still young enough, so her brain will learn how to replace the missing tissue. The only problem I had is that George thought that Dr. Taylor was drunk, he also spoke up. I was obligated to kicked him out of the surgery, and I replaced him with Christina because he can't accuse a Doctor like that.
During the hemispherectomy, the little girl began to wake up. As I was in the process of removing half her brain! Her anesthesia was too light and Dr. Taylor fell asleep. I kicked Dr. Taylor out of the surgery, and later apologized to George, where he also came clean about Meredith, and his intentions with her.

mardi 20 février 2007

A other hard-work day!

Last week on Grey's Anatomy, Meredith Grey woke up with fear, fear of failure. Like all bad days, she was late to the hospital. However, it turns quickly when Derek (the neurosurgeon who had a crush on her) took her to assist him on a patient with Parkinson’s.
During this time, Alex, a surgeon intern, was acting with a patient who had a 70 pound tumor. In fact, he was only hoping he could do the surgery. But she accidentally heard him making a snide comment on her, so she complained and he didn’t had the chance to do the surgery. That’s Cristina and George who got the opportunity, which was a 14 hours surgery.
Izzie on her side, saved life. She was in charge of a big group of patient with Alex but he forgot to change the battery on his pager so he couldn’t receive a page from her to get help. Suddenly on of her patients' hearts started dying from a massive clot. She cut his chest, removed the clot and saved him successfully.
Meredith knew that there was a possible surgery for Parkinson's so she tried to encourage the patient who didn’t want to hear about this. He finally changed his mind. They did the operation and he stopped shaking all over.
Of those three patients, one died, the girl with tumor.

mardi 6 février 2007

A new tv show!

For my first blog text, I chose to introduce a new tv program call Grey's Anatomy! Well there are already two seasons of that program and it already won the Golgen Globe Award... In America there are more than 10 000 000 people watching it. That's the kind of tv program that keep you awake and that you become impacient to see the next episode. I think that with that program we can easily learn English but also learn about life.

Grey's Anatomy, is the story about some people working as surgical intern at Seattle Grace Hospital. Every day, they learn more about saving life but they learn more about themselves and how to live too.
Most of the characters are young people, but the action turn around the life of Meredith Grey, a surgical intern. She's the daughter of a surgeon renowned.

That's all for the moment, I let you whatch the show and i come back next week...
Ps:*******Thursdays on ABC 9/8c*******